Numerology can be used for a personal name, business name, real estate project name, movie & serial name, newborn baby name and so on. A good Numerologist will help you through all this. I provide “A complete numerology report" which is helpful in day to day life.  In the long term, the numerology results prove to be beneficial for the individual and for business as well. Several people have used the science of numerology in their lives and gained immensely.


Kindly consult numerologist Swapnali Jaddhav for consultation on personal & business name, career & financial growth, film & television serial names, real estate project launch date, wedding date, and newborn baby name, etc.

I offer below services

Name correction

Business Name

Baby Name

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Baby Names

A good name done as per numerology attracts success, harmony, and happiness.  A fortunate and balanced name along with efforts favors luck and success in life. Similar is the case with signature. Name and signature together play an important role in our Lives. Read more…

The business name is very important and should carry positive and harmonious vibrations. There are many businesses that have flourished due to favorable name vibrations, while some businesses incur losses due to their unfavorable names.  Read more…

A name is the identity of a child in this world and a good baby name can bless the child with a good fortune. A fortunate name done according to numerology can help the child in education and higher studies and in the overall personality development of the child. Read more…

Movie & Serial Names

Couple Compatibility

Lucky Numbers & Colors

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Bollywood celebrities like Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor as well as southern superstars, producers, and directors are believers of numerology. Most of them have named their movies as per numerology which has helped them tremendously to earn good collections at the box office. Read more…

Recently there has been a rise in the compatibility issues between couples.  In some cases, it has led to extreme problems like Divorce and Separation. Numerology helps to bring in harmony between such couples thus leading to a beautiful journey in their lives. Read more…

Lucky numbers play a significant role in our lives as they are associated with our fortune and good luck. Some numbers in our life are neutral; some seem to be ominous while some others prove to be lucky for us. Colors also have a great impact on our lives. Read more…