Lucky Numbers & Colors

Lucky numbers play a significant role in our lives as they are associated with our fortune and good luck. Some numbers in our life are neutral; some seem to be ominous while some others prove to be lucky for us. It is favorable to use lucky numbers for our vehicles, house, office, wedding date, interview date, and for important event date etc. Numerology is all about numbers and one definitely benefits by using their lucky numbers.


You must have seen our cricketers sporting lucky numbers on their Jersey and have greatly benefitted from it.


Colors also have a great impact on our lives. They affect our moods and feelings to a large extent. Sometimes we do not like particular colors and have a preference for other colors. Some colors help to enhance our energy while the use of specific colors relaxes our mind. Colors help to attract good luck and favorable vibrations as they are associated with the planets. Lucky colors as per our date of birth bring in better opportunities and success in life. 

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