Business Name Correction

A business name is the identity of the company. It is significant and should carry positive and harmonious vibrations. The future of business may be determined by the energy of its name. A powerful business name may create great success. There are many businesses that have flourished due to favorable name vibrations e.g. Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Tata, BMW, Audi, and Reliance etc. Indeed numbers rule everywhere.

Some businesses incur losses due to their unfavorable names. In such cases, we correct the name vibrations of existing business thereby increasing the chances of success.


In a partnership business, the compatibility between partners is very important. When two people have compatible numbers they can work together in harmony as a team.

The exchange of thoughts, ideas, and vision between these partners should be smooth and healthy. Basically, they should share a good rapport with each other. Numerology can help to increase the harmony among partners. A good partnership may bring success and earn profits in the business.

Business Name_1

The power of numerology helps to give you remarkable growth in your business thereby giving more joy, success, and fulfillment in life.


Kindly contact numerologist Swapnali Jaddhav for guidance on your existing business, new project/product name, and launching of new products.