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This is Swapnali Jaddhav, I take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction about myself. I am born and brought up in Pune. I have completed my graduation in science with chemistry specialization from SP College. I was always a bright and intelligent student in academics.

Due to my interest in the occult sciences, I have eagerly studied Vastu Shastra, Tarot card reading, and Numerology. However, my major area of interest is numerology right from my college days and I used to read numerology books on vacations. I was always fascinated by numbers and my keen interest in numerology has given me an excellent command over the subject.

Clients say that “my predictions are very accurate and suggestions are really valuable and they have benefited immensely from it”. I conducted various events in malls, in order to pass on the benefits of numerology to the masses. These events were widely appreciated. I have written articles and columns for magazines and I wish to be considered as one of the Best Numerologists in India.

My mission is to benefit a maximum number of people through the amazing science of numerology thereby bringing joy and happiness into their lives. Over the last few years, I have been giving numerology consultation to numerous professionals, builders & developers, doctors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians along with a large number of students. 


I have a tremendous liking and passion for my work. I feel fortunate to get a chance to learn these occult sciences and also blessed to have this unique opportunity to bring happiness into the lives of people. Numerology brings in positive changes in one’s life. There are millions of people who have used this amazing science and benefited from the same.

No wonder, today numerology is being used widely in the fields of Business, Bollywood, Cricket, professionals and by common people too. Every individual works hard to achieve their Goals in life. Along with the efforts, one should use numerology to really understand and experience the amazing results it gives.

Why choose Numerologist Swapnali Jaddhav

I believe that profound knowledge of the numbers and intuition are important aspects for guiding people during numerology consultation and I have been blessed with both these aspects. When intuitive power is combined with the correct calculation of numbers and precise reading, it gives an excellent result to the client.

One is truly blessed and can perform well when they get an opportunity to work in the field they enjoy the most. And I am one of the fortunate persons to guide people through numerology. Moreover, occult science has been my area of interest for many years.

Modifying a personal name or a business name as per numerology requires detailed study of numbers. It is very important for a numerologist to suggest a name correction which will suit the individual so that they can experience the beautiful changes in their lives. Also, I give sufficient time to a client during numerology consultation and solve their queries in the best possible way. 

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In case of any numerology consultation, kindly contact me and be assured to get proper numerology solutions.