2019 Numerology Predictions - By Numerologist Swapnali Jaddhav

2019 Numerology Predictions By Numerologist Swapnali Jaddhav

The year 2019 adds to 3 which stands for the planet Jupiter. It is a number that will bless people with creativity, happiness, positivity, good luck and financial gains. The predictions for the year 2019 are given below based on the birth number. Birth number is the date on which you were born. If your date of birth is a double-digit, you need to add it to get a single number.

Lucky Number 1

For those under the influence of number 1, this year in 2019, you will find a lot of opportunities regarding finance and career, coming your way. This year will lead to an increase in your self-confidence and you will be putting in a lot of efforts to achieve your desired goals. Try not to be egoistic, avoid being arrogant and stay calm. Your courage and strength will be supported by the intelligence endowed by the planet Jupiter this year.

Lucky Number 2

For people under the influence of number 2, this year will need to put in a good amount of efforts be it in a job, business or maintaining relationships. Try to be calm and avoid disagreements with your partner.

This year you can definitely dream big and act likewise to turn things into reality. This year will lead you to a new path in rediscovering yourself.

Lucky Number 3

This year is going to be a good one for people under the influence of number 3. You will definitely see growth and will be content with the matters related to your personal as well as professional life. Intellectually too it will be a great year. Be positive, sincere and determined towards your goals. With your inner strength and courage, you can face any situation in life and will successfully overcome the fear of failures, if any.

Lucky Number 4

For people under the influence of number 4, this year need to focus on work, planning and your goals as you may need to face some challenges on the professional front. There might also be a need to focus on your family and home. You will have to handle situations with maturity and patience.

Logical thinking would provide solutions to your problems.

Lucky Number 5

This year will be especially good in terms of job and business for people under the influence of number 5. This year you are going to explore your inner potential and abilities to achieve victory in various areas of your life.  You are likely to be happy and content in family life as well. One advice for you is to guard yourself against restlessness, anxiety, and irritation and trying being calm and serene.

Lucky Number 6

For people under the influence of number 6, this year need to maintain a positive approach towards life in order to overcome the difficulties coming your way. This year you need to take care of your health physically and on an emotional level too. You will also need to focus on home and family. Perform your duties but at the same time don’t forget to care about your body, mind, and soul.

Lucky Number 7

This year these people will be inclined towards spiritualism for people under the influence of number 7. You will be able to beat the hardships and difficulties with the help of your wisdom and intuition. This year you need to maintain the balance between professional and personal life. Guard yourself against getting over-exhausted while maintaining the balance. Proper rest, getting rejuvenated and meditation should be practiced more often to keep yourself calm and content.

Lucky Number 8

For people under the influence of number 8, this year need to stay motivated and focused in order to succeed and achieve your desired goals. This year you will need to keep a check on your health as too much workload may affect your health. You can look forward to going on a vacation this year and enjoy some quality time with your family. This year, your efforts and dedication may bring you rewards.

Lucky Number 9

For people under the influence of number 9, this year will move ahead in their lives with their strong determination, courage, and willpower. This year you will come forward to help people during their bad times. Family, as well as professional life, will be good.

You should plan your actions wisely. Your dreams are likely to get fulfilled this year.