What is Numerology?

Our existence on this earth is governed by two very important things – our date of birth and name. From the moment we are born certain numbers govern us. Most of the times we fail to recognize the presence of these numbers in our lives. But this does not prevent the numbers from controlling our lives. Numerology is the occult study of numbers and the way these numbers affect our lives. 

What is Numerology

Numbers are interwoven in our everyday speech and are expressed in every possible form like our birth date, age, home address, mobile number, bank account number, vehicle number etc. So it can be rightly said that numbers rule our world and one cannot escape them. Many times some of the numbers are associated with fortunate events or dealings while some numbers tend to play an unfortunate role in our lives. Thus it becomes essential to realize the importance of numbers in our life.

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Why Numerology

Why opt for name correction as per numerology?

We all are familiar with the famous Quote - What’s in a Name?

A name reveals the identity, personality and hereditary traits of a person. Every alphabet in a name carries a particular numeric value and a vibration which has some meaning. According to Numerology, the sum total of the name of a person should be in sync with his/her date of birth. If the name vibrations are not in harmony with the birth date then some alphabet needs to be added or deleted in order to bring the name on the fortunate number.

Due to unfortunate name vibrations, one may face unexpected obstacles in life, career problems, monetary loss, health issues, loss of harmony in relationships and ultimately failures in life. In numerology, every number has different vibrations. These numbers have certain powers and have their own characteristics. A numerologist analyzes the numbers related to the person and monitors the connection between these numbers and their impact on the person’s life.

A favorable name as per numerology, when combined with efforts, gives luck, prosperity, improvement in relations, health and overall success in life.

Numerology Benefits

Numerology is a fascinating and powerful tool for self-help. Numerology helps to understand our qualities and weaknesses in a better way. Numbers help to make good use of the opportunities that come our way and also guide us while dealing with problems. 

In numerology, the number calculations help in understanding the compatibility between persons and relationships. 

An individual is known by his or her name. A fortunate name done as per numerology favors luck and can give remarkable success in life. Numerology can help to bring in harmony between couples and can avoid extreme problems like divorce and separation. If a newborn baby’s name is adding to a lucky number as per numerology then it helps the child in smooth education and for overall personality development. 

Numerology Benefits

Just as our personal name, the business name is also considered very important in numerology. There are several businesses that have flourished due to favorable name vibrations. Many movies & serial names are spelled according to numerology and proved of great commercial success. Cricketers also believe in the amazing science of numerology and keenly follow it. You must have noticed them sporting lucky number jersey and have benefitted immensely from it.

Numerology is all about numbers and one definitely benefits from using lucky numbers. Colors also have a great impact on our lives; it can help to attract good luck and favorable vibrations. Several people have used the science of numerology in their lives and gained immensely. 

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